Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A wheel

I am breaking down. I told myself I would never want to spin, that I would never want a wheel. But I am very interested and I have been researching and watching videos I think I have lost my mind. I want one now sooooo bad. I am thinking about getting a Lendrum folding Wheel hopefully the complete package, cus that just seems to be a good way to go, it is good for beginners has attachments so that I can eventually do sock yarn (which is what I would predominately do) it comes with a lazy kate, a jumbo flyer (a plying head) 4 standard bobbins, and a fast flyer. It does 6,8,10:1 12,15,17:1 5,7,9:1 so I am thinking this is a good all around wheel, plus it is a good brand. I will be making a trip north and there is a store nearby that sells spinning wheels so if I have enough saved up then maybe I will come home with a wheel.


  1. Ohh! have fun! Ive vowed to stay away from spinning because I have too many hobbies already!

  2. I am trying to tell myself I don't want to spin, too! My coworker recently got into it and was telling me hwo much fun it is. I really don't need any more expensive hobbies....