Saturday, January 14, 2012


Well I am working on some socks for a co-worker of mine. I hope she likes them as they are purple which is her favorite color. I haven't been able to figure out the brand or type of yarn it is. I know where I bought it but can't find a label and can't seem to remember off the top of my head. Right now they are very wee since I just started them and haven't knit on them at all so I will post a pic here pretty soon so you can actually see them. I got a new camera for Christmas so they will actually be visible.
In other news I am thinking of knitting my first shawl I just need to narrow down the patterns. I kept telling myself I was going to knit one last year but never did, so I am going to force myself to knit one. It will probably be more of a shawlette because I would never have cause to wear an actual full size shawl, whereas a shawlette could be used like a scarf.
Well I am off to do some more cleaning and laundry ahhhhh.

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  1. Thanks for visiting my blog. I also started out with dpns & never had a ladder. Shawls are fun to knit & it would be good to start one with simple lace like the Damson or Travelling Woman. Happy knitting.