Thursday, March 15, 2012

Well once again I have done it I have stayed away longer than I said I was going to. I swear this is getting to be such a bad habit. Oh well I am not going to make anymore promises I am just going to try and get back into it bit by bit and see what happens.
But in other news, I ordered myself I spinning wheel, I decided to get a Babe's Fiber Garden Production double treadle spinning wheel. I am so excited I am starting get a little grouchy because I ordered it on saturday and was told I would get free 3 day shipping and now I am like "Where is it!!!" But I do realize that I ordered it from a smaller business and that they have to make time to put the whole package together and everything before they can ship it so. There is that "I guess..."
I am knitting a cowl for one of the teachers I work with at my school, she chose me for classified appreciation day and she got something for each day of the week (it was so sweet) so I am using the skyp socks as inspiration for the design of the cowl. It is super simple. I am going to try to get it done this weekend so that I can block it and give it to her next week before spring break.
As for anything else there really isn't much else going on. I am planning a garden for this spring/summer and hoping like hell that I will make it work. We are also planning on getting a puppy. Should be exciting. Well see ya later.

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